Professional athlets deserve the salaries they earn

Why athletes earn a lot (and teachers don't) | charlotte observer because, if they're good, they put a lot of people in the seats, they sell a lot of merchandise for the team, and - perhaps. Today society is split in two when discussing professional athletes salaries there are many who believe athletes are far overpaid while others feel as though athletes deserve the enormous amount of money they receive. Visualizing the yearly salary of professional athletes, nba players average $5+ million a year.

They would earn between £550,000 and £850,000 because they can demonstrate a capability of winning at worldtour level a super- domestique needs to show consist development and consistent. No they dont deserve what they earn there are fighfighter that risk their lifes to save other lives and they dont get paid half of what athletes are paid they dont do much just play a sportto. We will write a custom essay sample on professional athletes deserve high salary the famous athletes deserve what they earned of these professional athletes. Do they receive such salaries when professionals such as teachers, lawyers, policemen, or doctors who do a lot of service to the community would never earn the salary that high-ranking professional athletes get.

Do professional athletes deserve multi-million dollar salaries skill, and effort it takes to be pro-athlete etc in which case they deserve an appropriate. Professional athletes do not deserve what the earn wouldn't it be great to make 313 million dollars a year and an additional 47 million dollars in endorsements simply to play a game michael jordan, along with many other professional at. Athletes are making such absurd sums of money it's easy to say that they're over-paid when we work our butts off to earn a negligible fraction of that amount well, guess what they deserve.

Professional athletes deserve the high salaries they earn because they generate considerable money for the cities and organizations in which they play thesis 5 professional athletes do not deserve the high salaries they can because they do not contribute to society in meaningful ways. Escalating professional athlete salaries works cited not included in recent years, with the growing popularity of sports, athletes salaries have escalated like that of a superb stock equity athletes are taking full advantage of their position, causing the average man to wonder how high will they go. If they truly valued education more than professional sports, teachers would be paid more than professional athletes people recoil at the high salaries players receive, salaries that seem to be out of kilter with what the rest of us earn. Nowadays, it is commonly accepted that professional athletes, such as football players, are paid much more than they deserve contrary to this popular belief, there are those who still argue that the salary of athletes must be high due to the nature of their profession. Professional athletes are worthy of their pay although many people think professional athletes make too much money, they deserve the money they earn professional athletes provide professional team owners with the highest quality talent and skills available in the world for the positions they fill.

Professional athletes deserve every cent essay money is fairly deserved because of their hard work to get to where they are should pro athletes ' salaries drop. Professional athletes overpaid introduction many people, particularly, the juvenile like to watch the games performed by expert athletes recently, however, there have been strong debates on whether or not professional athletes who receive high salaries deserve what they get. The common perception is that all athletes are overpaid millionaires, but that's not exactly true although there are some superstars like lebron james and alex rodriguez that make prolific. Should superstar athletes be paid like ceo's critics say that corporate ceos should be paid like professional athletes because sports is a more efficient labor market and athletes are paid fairly because they are compensated for their own talent. No they dont deserve what they earn there are fighfighter that risk their lifes to save other lives and they dont get paid half of what athletes salaries for professional athletes.

Persuasive speech study play today's top professional athletes often have salaries and bonuses in the tens of millions of dollars, they do not deserve such high. Professional athletes also expose their performance to public judgment, but they are paid directly by the team owner who isn't always in the game to make money. Professional athletes get paid too much they go out on a field and professional athletes should have a salary cap don't deserve the large.

  • Professional athletes shouldn't get paid the amount of money they do simply because they do not earn it, need it, or deserve it sports will always be an important part of american culture and the professional athletes who play at the top level of these sports are the top physical specimen in the us, and sadly the us is the largest offender.
  • Professional athletes earn an absurd amount of money each year, far more than their professions merit when athletes produce exceptional results like winning a league title, they get a bonus or a raise.

No they do not deserve the money they get they should have a one million dollar salary cap per year and that's it, if the player want's more money then he needs to go out and hustle up corporate sponsorship, this make them play better and not be such babies because one thing there would be no injury reports and pro sports gambling would take a nose dive because corporate sponsors would. A critique of do professional athletes get paid too much money high salaries bhagat is correct when he states that professional athletes salaries are overly priced when all they do is entertain the public. How olympic athletes make a living we all know that famous professional athletes can make a great deal of money - sometimes more, even if they're retired.

professional athlets deserve the salaries they earn Salaries of professional athletes - essay sample  salaries of professional athletes draw passionate debate on both sides of the issue  movie stars get paid.
Professional athlets deserve the salaries they earn
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